Our Organic Deodorant

Our handmade organic is a silky cream deodorant that is made with organic virgin coconut oil, Coconut oil has natural antibacterial properties, we mixed it with organic shea butter and arrowroot powder, which helps absorb perspiration and baking soda which raises ph helping to eliminate odor. Organic essential oils added.

Choose from a variety of scents like, Citrus Mint, Lavender Rosemary & Eucalyptus Tea tree. 

Comes in two sizes, a 4 ounce tin and a 2 ounce tin .


  • Posted by Julie Spink on

    I am a big fan of Windecker Farms products but this deodorant is what really puts it on the map. I believe it to be something special. It’s a product that is going to set them apart.
    It took me a while before I would try it, I was hesitant about the application. Being accustom to the stick deodorants, I was resistant to the idea that I had to rub it in myself. But once I tried it, I was instantly impressed. First the smell— its subtly but fresh. Then the texture— smooth and velvety. Not sticky. No residue. There’s no need to wash your hands after, it melts directly into your skin and feels great. Then, and this is the best part—- IT WORKS!!!!!!!
    All day, even over night with no shower and even after a full workout—— NO SMELL!!!!!!! It’s still hard to believe. I tend to test it out from time to time and put my arm up and smell and every single time, there is zero odor. Not even a faint hint of odor, just no smell at all.
    I have heard so many times how natural deodorants don’t work and how disappointing it is. We all want and deserve to have a product that works and keeps harsh chemicals away and I can honestly say I found it with this deodorant.
    Thank you Windecker Farms for the blood, sweat and tears that went into this product. It is special and it shows.


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