About Windecker Farms

GROWING UP IN RURAL IOWA, I guess I have always been a natural kind of girl. Somewhat creative, I love to cook and make up recipes. In the kitchen, I am a little of this and a little of that. Rarely do I use a recipe and when I do, I change it. This is probably what led me to cooking up natural deodorants, soaps, and lotions.

AROUND 2005, I read an article that my mom forwarded to me about the dangers of aluminum in deodorants and I began using natural deodorants ever since. EXCEPT THEY DIDN’T REALLY WORK.

IN 2013, I lost a very dear friend to breast cancer. During her battle with the disease, she repeatedly expressed her concern that she could not find a store-bought natural deodorant that would work for her either.


SO I WENT TO WORK, did some research, had many failed attempts, but finally came up with a recipe that worked. It didn’t just work, it worked really well. It even worked for my husband (he’s a stinker when he sweats). I was amazed! I gave samples to my friends and family to try and everyone loved it, except a few people with sensitive skin. That led me back to the kitchen to try to make a deodorant without baking soda for those with sensitive skin. Again, after many failed attempts, I came up with a recipe that worked—really well. I began to wonder if there might be other products I could improve upon by replacing harsh man-made chemicals with all-natural and organic elements.

ONE DAY I DECIDED TO MAKE SOAP. Cold process soaps at first, then hot process soaps. I discovered I was having fun and that I can be creative using skin loving, natural ingredients. I experimented with balms, rubs, lotions, and oils and soon realized that I could produce products that would help my family, friends, and others live healthier, happier lives.

I AM STILL LEARNING with every batch of soap I make. I’ve especially learned from my mistakes. In my attempts to “recycle” my failed batches, I have developed new techniques and textures that have resulted in products that I think you will find interesting and unique. I guess you could say my failures have become my recipes.

IF YOU’VE NEVER TRIED a handmade soap, you should. They are very different than store-bought soaps. I use to use body washes because most soaps left my skin dry but now I use only all-natural soaps (usually one of my own creations but not always—I like to see what other soap-makers are up to). It feels wonderful!

WHATEVER BROUGHT YOU TO MY WEBSITE, I thank you. If you heard about my products from a friend or family member, it’s because they’ve used my products and most likely will continue to do so. There are no gimmicks here, just superb products, made by hand (by me) from the highest quality, natural and, where possible, organic ingredients. If you choose not to try my products, that’s OK too, but I encourage you to take care of your body as best you can. Avoid man-made chemicals where possible and respect the life that you’ve been so graciously given.

- Kimberli Windecker