• Vintage Kantha Throw
  • Vintage Kantha Throw

Vintage Kantha Throw

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Authentic ONE-OF-A-KIND  hand made kantha quilt utilizing 2-5 layers of vintage cotton saris, hand stitched together. Rest assured that these are truly authentic Vintage kantha quilts sourced using fair trade practices. THE PERFECT GIFT. 

Vintage cotton saris are hand stitched together to create a one of a kind quilt. A true folk art. The tradition has been passed down for generations throughout India.

Purchasing one of these quilts helps to ensure a higher quality of life for the artist and their families through Fair Trade practices. I have one family I have been working with for four years. 

 Lay them out at the beach or sprawled across your bed. These Quilts will quickly become your new favorite item & only get better with time!

A little wear & blemishes are perfectly normal due to the vintage nature of these quilts. Patches are quite common only adding extra authenticity and love to each piece. Sizes vary as every AUTHENTIC vintage kantha quilt is made using vintage material that comes in all sizes. The average size is 5x7 but this can vary about 2 feet each way. 
Truely works of art!